It has been reported in some newspapers and articles that the company did not file the financial results for the last three years in a row thereby leading to disqualification of one of its Directors. We wish to apprise ALL that the said information is incorrect and that the company has timely filed all financial results on all previous occasions with concerned authorities, the last being for half & quarter ended 30/09/2017 (filed with BSE on 13/11/2017). The same is also available for public notice in our website.

We presume that the error is a misinterpretation of our submission made to BSE on instant 15/11/2017, as the said non-filing was related to other companies wherein the said Director was holding similar position, and on gaining knowledge of the development from the designated website of MCA, the Company undertook necessary procedure in line with statutory / regulatory directions.

All are reassured that the company is in full compliance of all statutory /regulatory compliance, till date.