Investors' Information
We at Sahara Housingfina Corporation Ltd., believe in the concept of educating the Investors for their benefit. The various rules and regulations framed by SEBI and the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 are laid as under to enable the investors avail hassle free transactions, transfers, nominations and trading in our scrip.
  • Unclaimed/Unpaid Dividend: Any unpaid or unclaimed dividend on equity shares up to the Financial Year 1995-96 requires to be transferred to Investor Education and Protection Fund established by the Central Government as per the provisions of Sections 205A,205B & 205C.

  • Share Transfer: Request for Share Transfer is to be made at the Office of the Registrars & Share Transfer Agents(RTA) of the Company, i.e. Intime Spectrum Registry Limited. If the same request is not acted upon, the shareholder may write to the Company with full details so that necessary actions may be taken and proper redressal of the grievances may be made.

    Circular from SEBI for Share Transfer by Non Residents

  • Change of Address and other details: The members, holding the shares in Physical Forms/ Demat Forms, should intimate the Company/ Depository Participants (RTA), any change in respect of their Addresses, Pin Code, Bank Account Details and Nominations.

  • Loss or Misplacement of Shares: in case of loss or misplacement of shares, the Shareholder should immediately lodge a FIR or Complaint with the Police and inform the Company (RTA) along with original or certified copy of FIR/ Acknowledged copy of the Complaint.

  • Dematerialisation of Shares: This is the age of scripless trading wherein the Shares of the Company are required to be compulsorily dematerialised, as per the instructions of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

  • Certain Steps for Dematerialisation:

  • The request for demat should be made by the shareholder through a Demat Request Form (DRF) to the Company at their Registered Office. The same is normally processed within 3-5 days form the date of receipt. The Demat Requests should be complete in all respects.

  • The Beneficial Owner of the Shares / Members, should state their Folio No./DP and Client ID Numbers in all their correspondences with the Company.
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