Corporate Governance at Sahara Housingfina Corporation Ltd.

Sahara Housingfina Corporation Limited (SHCL) strives to integrate the perspectives of Corporate Governance. The core value underlying our corporate philosophy is ‘emotional attachment’, which leads to good transparent corporate governance. This ensures the company is managed and monitored in a responsible manner in all aspect of the business so that our standards of excellence integrity and accountability are leveraged to sustain stakeholder’ trust and belief to the company.

Proper Corporate governance helps the company to achieve the organisation’s set objectives and monitoring performance in determining it. A cohesive relation exists between the Board of Directors, its management, its shareholder and its stakeholders because of good corporate governance.

Good governance is an expression of personal beliefs and values put together which helps to upgrade the organisational value. SHCLs’ core values of emotions, fairness and effectiveness determine the principle of the organisation and in turn helps the employee to take decision in every sphere of life.

It helps the employee to develop mutual trust, teamwork, and self-respect.

As the Company employees are emotionally attached there the conflict between the personal interest of the employee and the company interest is reduced.

The company provides a gender friendly environment thus creating a good corporate environment.

An employee howover ethical and professional he is much attention is to be given on his managerial skills. If the senior manager acts unprofessionally they totally encourage managers down the line to do the same. The opposite is also true: senior manager who visibly exhibit high professionalism and ethical standards become role models for others in the organisation. SHCL’s senior management regularly reinforce the same to their employees.

The company believes in the importance of providing a healthy environment, it provides a high standard of housekeeping and transparency.

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